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The story behind Intergen’s brand and website evolution – tomorrow’s advantage, delivered today


Simon Bright
Simon Bright

Chief Operating Officer

Sunday 29 November 2020

The story behind Empired’s/Intergen’s brand and website evolution – tomorrow’s advantage, delivered today

Recently we hit an exciting and long-awaited milestone: the official launch of our new digital experience platform and Empired and Intergen’s brand refresh.

Our new website and refreshed brand identity are the result of not just a whole lot of thought and a considerable amount of effort from right across our business, but also a reflection of our evolution as a company, who we are today and the difference we seek to make for our customers in helping them to harness connected, end-to-end and always-evolving technology solutions to achieve what we call tomorrow’s advantage, delivered today and – in doing so – to do better business, create better experiences and enable their best future.

We’re incredibly excited to have reached this milestone and to be able to reflect and convey who we are today, and to enable a more contemporary, dynamic, customer-focused and outcome-oriented digital experience for our customers and those engaging with us.

We are especially proud of our new website and brand refresh for one key reason: at heart, they are all about how we connect with and drive the outcomes for our customers that will help enable them to meet their unique business challenges and desired outcomes, connected and enabled by technology on an ongoing journey of continuous evolution.

Our brand and website presents who we are today and who we aspire to be tomorrow through bold, precise, modern designs that speak of our passion and mission to deliver tailored experiences and outcomes that help our customers to do better business, create better experiences and enable their best possible future – achieving tomorrow's advantage, today. We’re guided by a desire to be bold, creative, innovative and customer focused in everything we do.

Our new logos represent everything that we care about when delivering the best outcomes to our customers – the combination of precision and creativity that we bring to architect tailored, well-crafted and personal experiences that make a real difference for our customers.

The 'plus' is symbolic of this precision, and of our connectedness as One Company and One Team, spanning Empired and Intergen across our 11 locations in Australia, New Zealand and Seattle. It also speaks to the positive difference we aspire to make through our people’s unique blend of precision and creativity, insight and innovation.

Our (ongoing) evolution

The new website and brand represent a significant step in our evolution as an organisation, and what you see before you today is the result of a real journey of change over the past few years – for our customers, in the market, and for ourselves.

One company, two brands

It’s important to note that our brand refresh and website approach and messaging is very much an evolution, not a revolution.

We’re incredibility proud of our strong heritage and the reputation that Empired and Intergen have built, and continue to build upon over the past two decades, and through our new brand refresh and messaging we continue to build upon our history as we evolve to respond to – and stay ahead of – the needs of our customers in a fast-changing world. Our website and brand refresh are very much an evolution of our story as one company, with two, united brands in our respective markets, and our ability to draw on and deliver the full breadth and depth of our services, capabilities and talents for the benefit of our customers, irrespective of location.

Thinking forward… for ourselves – on our own transformation journey

Within our organisation and with our customers we often talk about thinking forward. Our role and mission in life is to help our customers (forward-thinking enterprises across a variety of industries, each with their own unique challenges and opportunities) to think forward to plan, design, build and optimise environments and digital platforms that enable continuous positive change for their organisations, their people, their customers and the sectors in which they operate.

Just as we help our customers to leverage connected and integrated technology to do better business, create better experiences and enable their best future, we have been going through this same evolutionary journey ourselves over the past few years, doing some significant thinking forward of our own.

We often hear it said that all businesses are (or are becoming) digital businesses, and this is absolutely true. Across every single customer we work with, from the biggest enterprises to SMEs, across every sector, the drive to become an integrated, always-moving and agile digital business is ubiquitous. And this is our journey, too – across every aspect and facet of our own business.

If one of the only constants is change, we need the right platforms and ways of working in place to stay ahead of that change so that we’re always thinking forward – not just for our customers but for ourselves. From our new HRIS system (Microsoft Dynamics Human Resources) to a move to a business operating model that enables us to lead all customer conversations and engagements with business-led, digital advisory conversations and deliver seamless, joined-up and continuously managed and optimised services, we have left no stone unturned – and we are on a continuous and evolving journey ourselves, committed to continually listening, learning and iteratively and incrementally improving as we go. 

But perhaps the most visible external manifestation and tangible encapsulation of our own journey of customer-led change and continuous evolution is our website and the brand refresh you see today.

When it came to our own digital and brand presence, we knew it was time for us to reimagine how we articulate and better represent firstly who we are as one company, two brands, and secondly, to convey the full breadth and depth of what we do and why we exist for our customers today, in an outcome-oriented (rather than technology-led), helpful and purposeful way, making sure we are speaking their language, and providing the information and the help they need, at every step of the journey, into the future.

The result – or should I say the starting point for our digital experience platform continuous evolution – is what you see in front of you today.

What’s next?

We are looking forward to continually evolving and improving the digital experience we provide with our new digital experience platform in place.

We’re really looking forward to your feedback and hearing from you how we can keep evolving, responding and connecting to better meet your needs. We’re here to help you think forward to help you get set for your best future, but – equally – we’re always happy to share our own stories of ongoing transformation as we evolve with the digital platforms and mindsets that will enable us to continue to adapt to meet your needs so that – together – we’re enabling the best future. We’d love to hear from you.

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