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Updates From InspireX 2017

The InspireX 2017 event happened over three days, in New Orleans, with Nintex product teams, customers and partners from around the world gathering to share their knowledge on the latest and greatest on the Nintex platform. 

The event was kicked off with a Keynote from Nintex CEO, John Burton. He gave the audience an impressive overview of how business and technology are rapidly transforming and how Nintex has evolved from a SharePoint add-on to an Enterprise Cloud Workflow Platform, with two million applications running currently on its Platform!

Nintex InspireX 2017 in New Orleans

Nintex Workflow Cloud was released in November 2016, a Workflow-as-a-Service built upon the Azure platform and no longer dependent on SharePoint. It provides an intuitive workflow designer with a responsive drag and drop UI. It also offers an extensive range of native workflow actions and OOTB SaaS connectors for building powerful workflows.

Nintex platform evolution

Nintex Workflow Cloud

New to the platform

Nintex Xtensions

Nintex Xtensions was announced at the conference as one of the new features being rolled out later this year. This awesome new capability will allow customers and partners to build custom workflow actions, events and form controls on the Nintex Workflow Cloud platform. For developers, Nintex Xtensions will also serve as a framework where new custom actions can be built by importing a Swagger compliant JSON file into the Xtensions repositories. Once imported, the custom workflow actions can then be used by workflow designers. Security templates can be applied in order to restrict access to those custom workflow actions.

Other upcoming key features

  • More Saas connectors
  • Support for conditional start on workflows
  • Ability to start other workflows across Nintex Workflow platforms
  • Set permissions on connections and workflows

Nintex Form

NEW: Responsive Forms

Nintex Responsive designer was also announced. When released, form designers can choose to open form between Pixel Perfect (Classic experience) and the new Responsive designer. Key features of the Responsive mode include:

  • Automatically realigning surrounding controls when inserting a new control, meaning controls will no longer overlap. Each control occupies its own space allowing you to move controls left, right, up or down.
  • Device layouts are removed from this mode. There is only one layout, which is automatically optimised for relevant screen size and will adapt to whatever device the end users use.

When released, this feature will be available in Nintex Form on-prem/Office 365 and public form designer in Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Nintex Responsive Forms

I asked the Nintex Product team about whether there is a hybrid mode where we can switch between Responsive and Pixel Perfect without losing any configurations already done on the form. They responded that this is not in the roadmap currently but it could be considered if enough users voice it. I will definitely be casting my vote on that one!

Upcoming key features

  • Save and Continue allowing users to bypass the Nintex validations and save the form so that they can come back at a later stage
  • Support for Document Sets
  • Managed metadata

Nintex Workflow Updates

Upcoming key features

  • Nintex Mobile Task Integration for Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud
  • Schedule workflows for Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud
  • Importing into an existing workflow for Office 365
  • Action sets for Office 365
  • PowerShell commandlets allowing end users to script the installation, configuration and maintenance of Nintex workflow and forms

Nintex Mobile and AppStudio Updates

Upcoming key features

  • Custom Content with the ability to add custom content like web pages, pdfs, HTML, dashboards from Hawkeye, etc
  • Managed Metadata Support
  • Anonymous apps and the ability to create apps that don’t require a login so that scenarios such as feedback apps for banks can be catered for 
  • Bluetooth & Geo support, allowing an app to pick up Bluetooth beacons and populate a form with the beacons information, while using geolocation the app could also determine which forms a user can see

Nintex Hawkeye

Upcoming key features

  • Enabling usage and process intelligence lens on Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud
  • Inventory and monitoring lens allows end users to understand where their Nintex assets are located and proactively monitor and manage running workflows

Nintex Community

There are now 20,000 members in the Nintex community site. I would recommend you becoming a member if you haven’t already. It contains many useful resources

  • Reusable assets such as UDAs, workflow/form/document generation templates, custom code etc
  • Product roadmaps, Nintex Installation guides, etc
  • A forum where questions can be posted and answered by the Nintex team, customers, partners and vTEs

Nintex Community

Thomas’s Presentation

I presented on “Process Automation with Agility – A Case Study for a Global Oil and Gas Company”. My session highlighted how we streamlined and automated a client’s core business processes across their HR, HSE, Finance and Engineering departments in their on-prem environment, using Nintex 2013. Also, how we migrated some of those solutions to Office 365 so they could leverage Nintex for Office 365, and tips and tricks on building, migrating and performance tuning Nintex solutions. It was great to share ideas with a few other Nintex developers who have worked on similar solutions.

Thomas Xu at Nintex InspireX 2017


It was an incredible experience presenting at the conference, meeting and networking with the Nintex team, customers, partners and vTE buddies from all over the world.

My presentation video recording is accessible on YouTube here.

All session recordings and slide decks have been uploaded to https://www.nintex.com/company/events-webinars/events/inspirex.

You can also join the local Perth Nintex User Group (or your local Nintex User Group) where we network with other Nintex users and share ideas on how we use the Nintex Platform.

Posted by: Thomas Xu, Senior Consultant | 18 May 2017


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