Cloud Services

Incorporating cloud-based services to deliver improved access, scalability and capability.

As the local leader in cloud service development and consulting, we can help you utilise cloud services for cost-savings, unprecedented flexibility and innovation.

Cloud computing is worth considering for organisations of all sizes. You use shared, pre-installed and implemented infrastructure, which is available anywhere, any time.

By taking advantage of this new wave of application development and moving into the “cloud,” you pay as you go for only what you use. You can save cost and reduce hardware and software overheads. It’s quickly deployed, immediately increases scalability and performance and allows your organisation to quickly and adeptly move with changing market opportunities.

Despite its widespread use, the “cloud” conveys several meanings. Is it web hosting? Is it a software platform as an on-demand service? Do Software as a Service and Software + Service applications count as cloud computing? The answer to all of these questions is: yes.

Cloud computing is the outsourcing of computing of any kind – storage, CPU, applications – using a shared cost, commodity model.

Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft's collection of online collaboration and productivity tools, delivered through the cloud. Comprising Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams, organisations can have any time, anywhere access to email, web conferencing, documents and calendars. Suitable for organisations of all sizes, Suitable for organisations of all sizes, Intergen can help you determine the applicability of Office 365 for your organisation, and help you implement it.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s platform for building and deploying cloud-based applications, delivering organisations on-demand computing and storage capabilities, all of which are hosted in Microsoft’s data centres.

Intergen has been closely aligned with Azure since before its release, and has been involved globally in Azure training, design and delivery.

Intergen’s Cloud Services

With our heritage in development services and our deep understanding of Microsoft’s technologies, we’re uniquely placed to help you guide your organisation through the many options and build your cloud strategy. 

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