Empired built a portal to help Komatsu Australia customers order parts faster, more effectively and accurately.


About Komatsu Australia

Komatsu is a leading global supplier of innovative utility, construction, and mining equipment. It has operations, including sales, service, support, and manufacturing, throughout the world. Komatsu has one of the most comprehensive product ranges on the market and has been supplying its products in Australia since 1965.

Komatsu Australia identified an opportunity to improve the customer experience for its small to medium-sized customers (with single or multiple Komatsu machines) via self-service, instant purchasing, and reliable and visible delivery. With more than 450,000 parts in its catalogue, Komatsu Australia was aware that purchasing parts was complex and technical, which made selecting the right part for the right machine a difficult process.

Furthermore, although Komatsu Australia has a network of branches, covering its geographically diverse customer base is challenging. Komatsu wanted to free up its team to focus on supporting customers rather than spending time on transactional processes.

Komatsu Australia wanted to streamline the parts and delivery process for customers and integrate backend systems to make the process more efficient. It decided to build a customer portal that would make it easy to identify and order the right parts.

A robust solution

Komatsu Australia elected to work with Intergen's parent company, Empired to investigate the options and scope out a project to build a portal. This included designing journeys for end users so the team could deeply understand the customer experience of buying parts. For example, some machine owners would need to browse through parts until finding the one they required, while parts managers in larger organisations may have a list of parts they regularly need.

The first set of owners needed an intuitive search function while the second set needed to be able to enter the part numbers to place their orders. 

Empired, Komatsu Australia, and Sitecore (the eCommerce solution provider) worked collaboratively as a team to build the portal.
Todd Connolly, General Manager, Construction Solutions, Komatsu Australia Pty Ltd, said, “The solution selection process came down to which solution could most effectively integrate into Microsoft Dynamics, which was our existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Sitecore was flexible and provided a robust, integrated solution. Komatsu Australia chose Empired because the team had experience with Sitecore and Microsoft, and because it understood that this needed to be a user experience-driven project, not an IT-driven project. Empired understood Komatsu Australia’s vision and consistently delivered accordingly.”

Delivering key benefits

One of the key benefits was the portal’s searchability. The new system let visitors search by keyword or commodity group, and drill down and refine searches by model or serial number, review previous order history, and upload saved order lists.

The new system also provides track-and-trace functionality that wasn’t available previously. Customers can pay by credit card online, which was only possible for customers buying in person prior to the portal.

Todd Connolly said, “Compared to the traditional way of purchasing, the portal is 90 per cent faster for customers, dramatically improving their experience. The portal has received positive feedback from customers, so the project is already a success.”

Working with Empired

The success of the project was partly due to the upfront work Komatsu Australia did with Empired to understand the customer journey.

Todd Connolly said, “Along with our project manager, key members of Empired met with customers and staff to understand their unique needs. Physically visiting those sites to understand their requirements was an important part of the process. From there, the team was able to map out the user experience journey and put together the wireframes for the portal.”

“Running an agile framework with sprints was unfamiliar for Komatsu Australia, however Empired was very experienced and coached the Komatsu Australia team. As part of that, we had our team trained and certified in agile. With Empired staff based in head office throughout the build and all the way to deployment, we were in good hands.”


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